From September 2023 the way the Skeggs Foundation allocates grants will be changing.  The Foundation will be putting a stronger focus on making a difference to athletes who are performing at the higher levels of their sport, with greater emphasis on involvement in national age group and senior representation. 

The Foundation will make fewer grants, but those that are given will be more substantial. This does mean that we will not be able to support as many athletes as in previous years, especially at the younger and junior levels.

When deciding grants the Skeggs Trustees will be putting more emphasis on what progress athletes are making. The intention is to assist athletes to achieve their highest potential, rather than be a source of regular funding for ongoing regional representation.

These changes reflect the changing nature of sport, and the ability of the Foundation to raise the funds used for grants. As these changes are implemented the Trustees will examine how well they are achieving the goals of the Foundation. Any further changes made in future will be shared on this website.

Successful applicants who are holders of a Skeggs Fuel Card will receive additional funding to recognise their support of the Foundation.

Athletes who receive TAPS funding will not be eligible to apply.

All applications for funding in the September 2023 funding round must be completed on the new online application form (below), any applications made in any other form will not be considered. 

Since 1993 the Skeggs Foundation has been supporting aspiring elite athletes to represent Otago and New Zealand.  Twice a year the Foundation gives grants to young sportspeople to help them be the pride of Otago and New Zealand.

To be eligible to apply for support athletes must be:

  • Living in Otago, which includes Dunedin City and Waitaki, Clutha, Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes Districts.
  • Be available for selection into Otago teams or squads; unless this would conflict with National selection.

The Foundation will prioritise making grants to athletes that are in recognised national representation programmes and pathways.  This does not mean that applicants must be a current New Zealand representative, but they should be able to demonstrate that they are considered as someone with the potential to do so by their sporting body.  

If you want to enquire about your eligibility to apply contact us on 03 474 6419 or

The funding rounds close at 5.00pm on 20 March and 20 September, and late applications will not be considered.

With the new funding structure the International Competition Grant has been discountinued and is no longer offered.

Athlete Scholarships have been confirmed, please check your email for your result

The Otago Community Trust invests in sports coaches and officials so they can improve the lives of the young people of Otago.  By helping those who make sport happen to develop and grow they ensure our young people will have the best opportunities to achieve their full potential. For both coaches and officials these grants are made to improve the lives of young people through involvement in sportIf you want to enquire about your eligibility to apply contact us. 

To be eligible coaches should be:

  • Coaching young athletes of Otago at a representative level.
  • Undertaking some form of self improvement or education that will make them a better coach.

To be eligible officials should be:

  • Officiating youth sport at a representative level.
  • Undertaking some form of self improvement or education that will make them a better official.

Applicants must be resident within the boundaries of the Otago Community Trust area; note this does not include Queenstown. 

Note: the changes to funding for athletes do NOT apply to coaches and officials. The most important consideration will remain how making a grant will improve the wellbeing of young people through involvement in sport. 

When you choose to use a Skeggs Foundation brand fuel card you contribute to the work of the Foundation at no cost to yourself, and you enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Competitive discounts on fuel purchases
  • Options for urban and rural users
  • Discounts at selected retailers
  • Up to 14 days interest free credit
  • Options for individuals and businesses

​​​​​​​While it is not a requirement to have a Skeggs Fuel Card to apply for a grant those who use a Skeggs Card will be approved at a higher level of support than those that do not.